Our family, including my children, my husband, and his parents were able to take a trip to Texas last summer to San Antonio.  We had such a fun time! I didn’t realize how many things there were to do in Texas. I seriously am considering living there someday. The weather, the laid back atmosphere, and the food are all wonderful parts of this amazing city.

We only had three days there but what we were able to do during those three days was pretty amazing.  First on the list was SeaWorld. My whole family just loves sea animals and it was so fun to see the dolphins and orcas. They put on such a fun performance. After the tour through SeaWorld and viewing all the underwater sea exhibits, we were able to the most fun thing ever; swimming with the dolphins!!!  That was the first time we had ever done that and it was such a magical experience. Dolphins have such sweet and funny personalities and what a neat experience to be that close to them. Touching the dolphins was unforgettable, their skin was so silky and smooth. It was worth every penny we spent on it. My kids would not stop talking about the experience and it was so fun to listen to them. I think that is the most fun they have ever had. I would definitely do it again, and again.

Next on the list was the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  It was a fun experience for the whole family. They have great food and music memorabilia to look at. I had been to a Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego when I was a single adult so it wasn’t exciting to be there the second time. Even though it wasn’t my first time, it was still a fun experience to be there with the whole family.

The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and Texas Ranger Museum was another destination on our list that was sure to not disappoint.  I have a family of all boys and they loved it! The buildings, costumes, and the layout were fantastic. The boys were racing all over the place going from one thing to the next. There favorite in the museum where all the old guns.  What a fun place to visit.

We also went to the San Antonio grand sightseeing tour of the Texas LBJ Ranch and Hill tour. I had never been to a ranch this large before!  It was amazing! The boys loved this part of the day. There was so much wide open space for them to run. My husband and I talked about getting a farm someday so the boys had space to play, but his one would be a little out of our price range and a little too big! The boys were exhausted after a couple of hours so we decided it was time to get some dinner and call it a day. We sat and ate some sandwiches and watched the sunset. The sky was a brilliant orange and red like it was on fire. It was the perfect end to our first day in Texas.


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