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Cibolo, TX
Cibolo is a city in Guadalupe and Bexar areas, Texas, United States. It is a piece of the San Antonio– New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area. Cibolo voted to wind up a free township on October 9, 1965. As of the 2010 evaluation, Cibolo had a populace of 15,349, up from 3,035 at the 2000 statistics. Cibolo voted to end up a free township on October 9, 1965; the “City Fathers” were Mayor M.O. Grooms, Councilman Carl Biser, Councilman Ted Dykes, Councilman Alwin Lieck, Councilman Fred Niemietz and Councilman D.O. Trotti. In any case, the historical backdrop of the City of Cibolo starts some time before this noteworthy date.

Prior to the primary European pilgrims arrived, the Comanche and a few other Native American clans lived in Cibolo. The name Cibolo signifies “wild ox”. Maybe “Cibolo” was a name given to the buffalo by the Spaniards when they found in expansive numbers amid a campaign looking for a legendary town called Cibola. The people group initially settled when the Southern Pacific Railroad slice through the zone in transit to significant urban communities like Houston and San Antonio. After some time, Cibolo formed into the suburb it is today.