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Beeline Pest Control has the experience and training to rid your home of pests. More importantly, we are highly trained professionals and experts on all things pests. Rely on our pest control services for your home or business. These services include mice control, mice extermination, mice removal, rodent extermination, rodent treatment, termite inspection, and termite extermination. In addition, our insect control includes bee removal, wasp removal, spider removal, spider control, spider extermination, bed bug exterminator, bed bug extermination, bed bug treatments, and more.

With Beeline Pest Control, you can rest assured your family and pets will be safe with our bed bug treatment service. They are both enviro safe for commercial and residential use. We provide helpful tips and solutions to take control of any bed bug problem. From the first signs of bed bugs to a complete bed bug infestation, the trained technicians will handle all your bed bug removal and bed bug extermination needs. Beeline stands behind our products, maintenance programs, services, and experienced technicians to provide Schertz residents with the best bed bug removal service.
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Schertz, TX
This city started with influence from Alsace Lorraine, France. Joseph and Anna Schertz, alongside six of their ten youngsters, came to Texas by ship. They touched base in Galveston Texas in 1844.

On January 3, 1849, their son Sebastian and new wife Johann Jean obtained 600 acres of land in Guadalupe County for 600 dollars. This denoted the early beginnings of things to come for the Schertz settlement.

As the years progressed, the community developed and the groups of the first Schertz family kept on putting resources into the town. December 1910, Adolph was a piece of a gathering of 16 ranchers who made the Farmers Rural Telephone Company as a method for speaking with each other just as long separation business focuses.

From a container with 3 keys and lines hung over spiked metal perimeters to an administration that gave to networks spread over Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe districts, it wound up one of the biggest exclusive organizations in the nation until it was sold to Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1958.

It was fused as a city in 1958. In spite of the fact that it has developed generously from its starting roots, it is a city that has not put some distance between its legacy, yet keeps on grasping it today through its festival of celebrations and occasions that mix the past with what’s to come.