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How Does Termite Infestation Pose a Serious Threat to American Homes?

Termites cost American homeowners millions of dollars each year. Since there is considerable money involved, many governments in the USA have regulations for termite extermination. As a result, many homeowners try to do the job on their own. You must have figured it out already! Getting rid of termites is no easy job.

Know the signs that threaten your home

Beeline Pest Control starts the job with a thorough inspection of the property. We have seen that many homeowners do not know what to look for and where they should start. We usually look for the visible signs of termite infestation including mud tunnels, winged termites on windowsills, hollow wood, and blistered paint. Our inspectors have the requisite training to recognize the more subtle signs of termite infestation as well. The lack of such expertise makes termite detection much more difficult for the DIY enthusiasts. Termites can chew through wood, expensive clothes, and books. These are sure signs as well, but we do not recommend you to wait for them to fester!

We keep your safety our highest priority

The trained specialists at Beeline can identify the need of immediate extermination from the characters of the nests. They understand how much area is under termite rule and what kind of treatment is going to drive the infestation away. Therefore, even if a homeowner gets the same termiticide and applies it the same way as experts, they might not include a large enough area. It will apparently leave many active nests alive for new invasions. Visit to learn more.

Why is Beeline always successful in driving the termites out?

Our experts will evaluate your entire property. It will include your garden, yard, poolside, and the main house. It is as easy for us to assess commercial spaces like a hotel, restaurant, or an office building. We sit down to evaluate the extermination techniques with the owners to remove all dangers of contamination. Termites are quite recalcitrant, and the extermination process can require strong chemicals. We mention the safety measures to the occupants so that they can protect themselves, their family, and their pets from the harmful effects of the chemicals.

The unseen enemies of homes

Termites are not always visible. Even when you see one or two mud lines in the corner or ten blotches on the wall, you cannot say for sure that only a hundred or two hundred termites are coexisting with you. Sometimes, even one mud track is a sign of a million termites burrowing under the basement. Breaking down termite colonies and killing the queen is the job for an expert. This task becomes even more challenging because each house has a unique personality.

Beeline takes the time and effort to understand the need for each home and office space that termites are threatening. We help you get rid of all the termites on your property. We help you secure your house against all possible termite attacks in the future. You can find out all you need to know on our website at