Natural Pest Control Schertz Residents Can Use 

Natural Pest Control Schertz Residents Can Use 

You can have a pest problem, but not necessarily a pest infestation. When the little (or not so little) scurries are still in the initial stages of proliferating, their numbers may still be managed or depleted even without the assistance of pest control Schertz professionals. All you need is the right tools and knowledge. 

I know it is not an exaggeration to say that when most people hear the word “pests” the first two words they’ll associate them with are either “pesticides” or “insecticides.” Because people, by instinct, would want to get rid of them the moment they’re spotted. Pests aren’t named “pests” by mere coincidence after all. They’re annoying and thus, earned their well-deserved title. 

However, the use of inorganic chemicals can cause undue harm to the environment. And I know that the environmentalist in you just can’t have that. So, I decided to take it upon myself to suggest completely natural and chemical-free ways of getting rid of pests – starting with lemons. 

Yes, Good Old Lemons for Schertz Pest Control

Lemons may be good when made into lemonade – but pure, concentrated lemon is just too much for most of our little varmints to handle. Lemons are usually effective against plant bugs and ants. Simply create your own, homemade lemon spray by combining ½ cup lemon juice to ½ cup water and squirt away. If you can afford it, make your lemon bug spray more concentrated by keeping the ratio of lemon juice higher than the water content – this should get those pesky pests running on their feet. 

Owls, Cats, & Bats Seem Like Interesting Pets To Keep 

If you really want to go el natural, then why not let Mother Nature do the pest controlling for you? Hire nature’s most gallant pest guards and maybe even keep them around as pets. Cats are instinctual foes of mice, and so are owls. Bats seem to like gobbling up crunchy, little critters that run maniacally during the night as well. Although some of the best pest predators are not exactly pet-material, try to keep your garden and lawns friendly and inviting for them. That way, they’ll be inclined to hang around every now and then!  

Uh-oh. Pests Don’t Like Smelling Good 

Keeping your house clean is probably the most natural and hassle-free suggestion we can give you today. Pests are usually attracted to clutter for the following reasons: 

  1. It serves as good cover. 
  2. It’s an abundant source of food debris. 
  3. And, it helps them hide their “intimate” breeding activities. 

Rely on The Top Pest Control Schertz

When a house is too clean, it’s difficult for pests to have their way. And so, it is the one best solution you’ve all been waiting for. Schedule annual cleaning activities with the family, don’t leave basements and attics unattended for too long, don’t keep your storage boxes piling up for years, and keep your house in great condition. Trust me, a clean house is enough to give pests eyesores. Keep the smell of Clorox coming, and they’ll willingly show themselves out!

When you need the best pest control Schertz has to offer, give Beeline Pest Control a call today at (201)739-1320.  

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