5 Things Rats Just Love To Nibble In Your Home

5 Things Rats Just Love To Nibble In Your Home 

If there’s one person in this world that dare say he likes rats, I’m calling on you to come out and show yourself. And I’m not talking about cute, furry cartoon characters like Mickey or Stuart (which are btw, mice). I’m talking about domestic rats. Those sly, vicious, little creatures that do not – not even in the slightest – show signs of being domesticated. 

I used to be someone who would simply let rats be. And I used to tell myself all the time to just let rats be rats – it’s not their fault they turned out to be like that.  

“They’re just trying to survive. That’s all.” 

But no, I was a total pacifist – a completely rat-tolerant house owner – but they just had to ruin my favorite couch. And you know what they were after? A single piece of Cheetos (or should I say Cheeto?) that accidentally fell into the folds of my couch’s lusciously soft cushion. They ruined a perfectly good piece of furniture that was worth a whole month’s paycheck just because they couldn’t afford to find food someplace else. 

I admit it was my fault for dropping the food scrap. But hey, it was my home and they were simply freeloading. I know it’s wrong to get personal with an animal that can’t even comprehend human values, but it was my beloved couch – I bet you would’ve gotten personal too if the same thing happened to your precious thing. 

So I called the pest police got everything over with and freed a grudge off my chest. The end. 

You must be thinking “Did you write an entire article just to rant?” 

No. I wrote an entire article to warn you about other things rats like to nibble in people’s homes. Who knows? Some of them might be doing some nibbling in your home as we speak. If you’re seeing more signs of rats in Texas than normal, read this article

Boxes & Plastics 

It’s common to see rats ravaging your grocery plastics or old cartons kept in the closet. This is because sometimes, food scraps – or at least the scent of food – is left on the inedible storage materials. So they’re not really trying out a new diet. They’re just too hungry to complain. 

Clothes or Cloths (in general) 

So, you’ve got a night planned out with the girls and you’re just so excited to take your little black dress out of the closet. Sadly, it seems like someone else beat you to it and took it upon himself to create a new fashion marvel. His inspiration? Hunger.  

Yep, you can always trust rats to ruin your wardrobe and make your clothes a little too teasing – what, with all the skin you’ll show on the ginormous holes they make. 


A crowd favorite – dogs, cats, and yes, rats too. I don’t know if it’s the food accidentally stuck on the soles or the foul smell of human toes that attract these sly creatures. Nonetheless, they sure love to wreck ‘em shoes. 

Everything Else You Love 

I suspect rats of having psychic powers – either that or they just have built-in radars to detect all the things we love inside the house. It’s like they’re out to get us by ruining everything we sentimentally and financially value. Oh, rats! 

To learn more about rats in Texas, read this article.

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