Residential Pest Control Services

At Beeline we know bugs and pride ourselves on getting rid of them quickly and efficiently. Our Texas office has comprehensive knowledge of local insects and proper extermination methodology. We use a range of safe, state-of-the-art products for a longer lasting treatment to keep your home pest-free. Our residential pest control service is thorough, professional, and unsurpassed by any other pest control service.

Insects and other household pests can be a problem for Texas residents year round. These invaders take up residence in your home and can cause a host of problems for you and your family. From contaminating food supplies, transmitting diseases, and being a general nuisance, these pests can eventually overrun your home if they are not neutralized. For the health and wellbeing of you and your family, call an experienced and trusted local exterminator.

For your convenience, we offer 2 distinct residential pest control services based on your particular pest problem.

1) One Time Treatment

If your home or surrounding property has become the chosen location for spiders, roaches, ants, mice, or any other pest, Beeline is here to help. Our highly trained exterminators are available to perform a one-time treatment to eliminate any pest problem. Depending on the type of pest and the number of species to be treated, the cost of this one-time treatment may vary.

One time treatments are common for a sudden infestation and we guarantee the effectiveness of our extermination services. We even offer free indoor service with the purchase of an outdoor residential pest control service. All of our products and treatments are safe, odorless, and approved for use around children and pets.

2) Quarterly Maintenance Program

Take advantage of keeping pests away year round with our quarterly maintenance program. Texas knows no limit to insects, rodents, and other pests–these things thrive all year. For your family’s total protection we offer this program to keep your home safe and pest-free throughout the year.

Residential Pest Control Program Features:

Ant Control in Texas

Ants are some of the ubiquitous–and annoying–pests in the world. Ants are an extremely diverse insect that occupies nearly every corner of the globe. In Texas, ant infestations can be a costly problem. Ants can multiply in ferocious numbers and can take over a structure in a matter of hours, or even days. Severe ant infestations are difficult–if not impossible–to remedy without a professional residential pest control service. A specialized approach to eradicating an ant infestation is the best way to ensure that your home or business is ant free.

Common Texas Ants

Ants are a highly diverse insect group, very specialized, and exist almost everywhere. In Texas, there are few common types of ants that cause problems for homes and businesses. These ants present different risks, but share similar attributes as pests. Ants can live up to 10 years and their colonies can hold from 300,000 to many millions of ants, depending on size and variety of ant. Here is a quick look at some of the more common ants found in Texas.

Fire Ants

You don’t have to live in Texas for long to have an encounter with a fire ant–when you do you’re sure to feel it! These ants are also known as red ants and can be invasive in many parts of the U.S. In Texas alone the impact of these red ants is estimated at over $1.2 billion annually. What sets fire ants apart from many other ants is their ability to sting by injecting an alkaloid venom. This and their reddish color give them the moniker ‘fire ants’. If you have an infestation of fire ants, call Beeline Texas immediately for a comprehensive removal plan.

Crazy Ants

Called a ‘crazy ant’ for its quick, erratic movements, these ants are a serious problem in Texas and have even reached epidemic proportions in South America, where they originate. These ants are commonly found near the coast, are not attracted to ordinary ant bait, and can be difficult to fully eradicate since their colonies contain multiple queens. These ants cannot sting, but they can bite and are responsible for widespread damages to homes and electrical equipment across numerous Texas counties.

Sugar Ants

The name of these ants tells it all–they are attracted to sugar and other savory foods. These are one of the largest groups of ants in the U.S and are identified by their orange/brown body and black head. Sugar ants don’t feed primarily on sugar but are attracted to sweet items and collect plant secretions. Their nests are commonly found in holes, wooded areas, between rocks, and in the soil. They are common in both urban and rural areas.

If you have an ant problem, don’t hesitate; call Beeline today! We have the technology and expertise to exterminate ants quickly and safely.

Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs can be a devastating pest and difficult to fully eradicate. They are travelers who like to infest dark spaces like mattresses, closets, clothes, and luggage. Bed bugs can survive up to a year and are difficult to detect by sight. Because bed bug infestation spreads rapidly, it is extremely important to address the problem as soon as possible.

Bed bugs are small, oval or round, light brown insects. They are parasitic insects that live on the blood of animals and humans. Because they can easily hitch onto clothing and baggage, they frequently enter the home undetected and begin to populate furniture, bedding, and other secluded places around your home. If you suspect your home is infested with bed bugs, call Beeline. We have the experience and specialized equipment to eliminate bed bug infestations with precision and care.

Total Bed Bug Solution

When your living space has been infested with any type of insects, time is of the essence to eradicate the problem. Bed bug infestations are particularly difficult to treat and require a specialized approach to extermination. Beeline Texas specializes in eliminating bed bugs and helping you reclaim your home from this harmful and inconvenient problem.

Before you throw out your bedding and take matters into your own hands, gives us a call and let Beeline resolve your bed bug infestation permanently. Our highly trained, professional exterminators will educate you on the problem and begin treating the infestation immediately. With a problem like bed bugs, you need a expert solution. Call Beeline today.

Texas Scorpion Problems

Texas is a desert and, as such, creatures like scorpions can be common problems. Scorpions are nocturnal and like to hide in small holes and crevices–making certain parts of homes and businesses desirable. Scorpion stings can be extremely painful and deadly toxic–though this depends on the species–so keeping these creatures outside where they belong is very important to personal health and safety. Preventing scorpions from occupying the inside of a structure comes down to taking measures to seal cracks and holes in walls and foundations, keep yards free of excess debris, and remain vigilant when keeping doors and windows open in scorpion dense habitats. In Texas, this includes most of the state.

Professional Scorpion Control

Not all scorpions have poison that can kill a person, but they all have toxic venom and a powerful pinch. Scorpions can be an unsettling find at home and it is a wise idea to call a professional pest control service to remove a scorpion. Scorpion infestations are rare when compared to insect infestations, but if a scorpion takes up residence in your home, the risk to the safety of children and pets increases significantly. It is important to address a scorpion problem immediately by calling a professional residential pest control company.

Beeline Texas is the leading pest control service in the San Antonio area. We have highly trained technicians who can safely and efficiently remove scorpions from your home or business. Don’t entrust the safety of your loved ones to any pest control company. When your home has been affected by scorpions, call the most trusted and experienced pest control company in the region for complete scorpion control.

Comprehensive Cockroach Control

There is perhaps no more insect or pest more disgusting than a cockroach. These insects are almost synonymous with repugnance and can be a serious problem in a home or place of business. Cockroaches multiply at a rapid rate and leave their remains and fecal matter around your space. Because of this, infectious disease can be spread and living spaces easily contaminated. Eliminating cockroaches is extremely important to regaining a clean, healthy space. If cockroaches have invaded your space, Beeline Texas can help eliminate the infestation for good and set you on the path to future prevention.

Texas Roaches

Texas is home to a variety of cockroaches–all of them disgusting. While there are distinctions in roach types, most cockroaches share similar attributes and habitat preferences. Roaches enjoy living in damp, dark places and can grow to be well over an inch long. Unkempt homes are susceptible to cockroach infestations, but roaches may be rarely seen as they hide extremely well. No matter the variety of roach, any cockroach problem must be eliminated immediately. Here is a look at a few common Texas cockroaches.

Oriental Roaches

These cockroaches, also known as ‘water bugs’, are a large species of roach found in damp, humid locations. Outdoors, they thrive in bushes and decaying organic matter, such as mulch and leafy ground cover. Indoors, they can often be found in humid, damp basements and beneath porches. In Texas and many other regions of the U.S, oriental cockroaches are a major pest. These roaches are dark brown or black in color and can be extremely elusive and difficult to eradicate completely without the right comprehensive treatment.

German Roaches

German cockroaches are among the most common roaches found in human dwellings. Like other species of roach, these cockroaches cannot survive very cold temperatures and prefer warmth, dark, and humidity. Like most roaches, these are scavengers and will eat nearly anything. This makes this species of roach common in untidy kitchens, restaurants, food processing facilities, and hotels.

These roaches are successful as pests in buildings since they have a short reproductive cycle, reproduce rapidly, can hide in very small places, and lack natural predators in human habitats. Because of this, pest control can be difficult–both in detection and eradication through bait traps and insecticide surface treatment. Some German cockroaches have even developed resistance to sugar bait traps, making eradication especially challenging. German cockroach infestations require a serious pest control solution that many exterminators can’t offer. Beeline Texas is different as we have the experience and technology to address any type of cockroach infestation in the most comprehensive and sustained manner to eradicate the population completely.

American Roaches

This is probably the most common and well-recognized species of cockroach in the U.S. These roaches are reddish-brown and are the largest species of common cockroach. They can travel rapidly and are highly elusive insects–making them difficult or impossible to eliminate without professional pest control services. Like other roaches, American cockroaches can also spread harmful disease-causing bacteria and deposit it on foods and across living spaces around the house. They can also fit into remarkably small spaces such as crevices and cracks in foundations, sidewalks, basements, crawl spaces, porches, and other spaces.

Eliminating these roaches is the most important first step, but addressing their means of entry and food sources is also important. If you have a cockroach problem, call Beeline as soon as possible to get started on a thorough treatment plan to help you get rid of this irritating and unsanitary problem and prevent a recurrence.

Don’t Let Mice Run You Out

Mice are one of the most dreaded pest problems. These rodent infestations can affect everything from sanitation to property value. Mice are notorious breeders and a small population of rodents can quickly become a out of control problem. Mice are opportunistic scavengers who eat and chew through just about anything. A mice infestation can lead to damaged electronics, severed wiring, hazardous health conditions, and other detrimental problems. The longer an infestation is allowed to continue, the worse the problems can be and the more involved the ultimate pest control response. If you have mice, you need a complete solution. At Beeline Texas, we specialize in dealing with mice infestations and can eliminate the problem safely and efficiently.

Eliminate Mice for Good

Mice do their best to stay hidden from sight, but they leave signs of their presence. For health reasons, it is extremely important to eliminate mice from your space. Mice can carry disease that can be easily spread to humans and they are known to bring lice, ticks, and fleas onto your property. The best way to prevent this health hazard is to eradicate mice early. Beeline Texas is the best and fastest way to eliminate mice from your home. In addition to our safe, efficient, and comprehensive extermination process, we can help educate you on how to better prepare your home to resist rodent infestation. Cleaning yard debris, sealing cracks and holes, and keeping food properly stored are all good ways to reduce the risk of mice infestation and keep them from coming back.

Spider Prevention in Texas

Texas is full of creepy insects and spiders count among some of the creepiest. Insects that reside in dark corners, behind walls, and in plants and brush outdoors tend to inspire the most apprehension. While many spiders are not poisonous, there are plenty that are and it is important to be aware of where spiders may be habitating and eliminate them. Species like the black widow and hobo spider are particularly dangerous as their venom is highly toxic. Spider problems in Texas can quickly get out of control and turn into an infestation if left unaddressed.

Preventing spider infestation is an ongoing process that requires ongoing maintenance inside and out of your property. In Texas, the weather is a factor in the presence of spiders throughout the year. Hot summers and mild winters mean that spiders can thrive year round. Taking precautions and basic steps to keep spiders from finding a place to nest inside your home will reduce the risk of infestation. If you already have a spider problem, however, you need a complete pest control solution and Beeline is the best call you can make.

The Beeline Spider Solution

Spider infestations are not just an inconvenience and annoyance, they can represent a health and safety risk. Bites from poisonous spiders can be severe–or even deadly. Reducing the risks of these bites comes down to spider eradication at home. Beeline Texas specializes in spider pest control treatments that eliminate the problem in the safest, most efficient way possible. Beeline provides a strategic solution to spider infestations that target spiders where they reside and reproduce. All of our residential pest control services are done by highly trained, expert technicians who understand the nature of spider infestations and the most effective techniques to eliminate them from any space. Beeline Texas will work with you to eradicate the spider problem and get your home pest free once again.

Beeline Wasp Solution

Wasps are both an annoyance and a health risk. Allergic reactions to wasp stings can be serious, so wasp problems need to be addressed immediately. Wasps are highly territorial and can construct large nests in a matter of days–significantly increasing the population and presenting a more serious problem. Though wasps will generally keep to themselves, if disturbed they can be quite aggressive. Often wasps construct nests along the siding, in roofs, attics, soffits, and other places alongside homes and buildings. This can create problems due to the proximity to people.

Addressing wasp nests while they are small is important to keeping the nests from expanding and worsening the problem. If you have a serious wasp infestation, you may need professional pest control to eradicate the problem entirely. At Beeline Texas, we can assess the wasp infestation and create a comprehensive plan to eliminate them for good.

Fast, Safe, Experienced Wasp Control

When you have a severe wasp infestation, you need an expert solution. Beeline Texas has a talented team of wasp control technicians with the expertise and specialized equipment to force wasps to leave and stay away. We will thoroughly identify the nature of the infestation and execute a solution to remove nests and eradicate wasp populations from your home or business. Once wasp nests reach a certain size, removing them yourself can be a dangerous task. In situations like these, it is best to call the professionals with the tools and expertise to safety, quickly, and thoroughly remove wasp nests and drive out the infestation.

Beeline offers complete commercial and residential pest control wasp solutions for wasp with services across the San Antonio, Schertz, and New Braunfels areas. When you have a serious wasp problem, always call the professionals for the peace of mind of a safe and thorough eradication. Don’t jeopardize the safety and comfort of family, friends, or customers with a wasp infestation–call Beeline Texas and get rid of the problem permanently

Termite Residential Pest Control in Texas

An alarming number of homes in Texas are battling a termite infestation right now. While you may not be too concerned currently, their continued presence will cause lasting problems. A group of termites can easily destroy all the wood surfaces on your property. There is nothing off limits ranging from fences and counter tops to the very foundation of your home. The damage done can be extensive, leading to costly repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t notice termites in their home until damage has already been done. Be vigilant here before damage is done.

Beeline Eliminates Termites

Termites are difficult to get rid of once they have settled in. The only way to eliminate them from your home is by performing thorough extermination. These nasty pests have become experts at hiding in the dirt under the foundation, in the walls, or under the floor, making it impossible for homeowners to completely take care of the problem on their own. If you suspect a termite infestation, call Beeline Pest Control Texas. We will send a residential pest control technician to help you immediately.

Preventing a Termite Infestation

Here are a few simple yet effective ways to prevent termites from infesting your home:

At Beeline Pest Control our highly trained professionals can conduct a thorough inspection of your home and give an estimate for termite damage. We will help you get back in control of your home, effectively ridding it of termites.

Give us a call for all your residential pest control needs at  (210) 876-4566.