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Yellow Jacket & Wasp Control San Antonio, TX

Wasps pose a severe risk to many homeowners, especially in Texas. It’s bad enough to have a large group of wasps flying around your home for hours on end, but the situation grows even more alarming when you include those within the home with serious allergic reactions to their stings.  Wasp stings can develop into a serious infection or a visit to the hospital. Wasps are highly territorial and can construct large nests in a matter of days–significantly increasing the population and presenting a more serious problem. Though wasps will generally keep to themselves, if disturbed they can be quite aggressive. Often wasps construct nests along siding, in roofs, attics, soffits, and other places alongside homes and buildings. This can create problems due to the proximity to people.  If you’ve tolerated a wasp problem for far too long, contact us at Beeline Pest Control and we’ll get rid of these pests and restore some normalcy to your home.Wasps are both an annoyance and a health risk.

Addressing wasp nests while they are small is important to keeping the nests from expanding and worsening the problem. If you have a serious wasp infestation, you may need professional pest control to eradicate the problem entirely. At Beeline Texas, we can assess the wasp infestation and create a comprehensive plan to eliminate them for good. We will begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your home to check for wasps and then map out a plan to eliminate them.

Wasps are a common complaint among customers with Texas Beeline Pest Control. Not only do they set up a home in the most annoying places, they are territorial and may decide to take up residency around your picnic table. Because they travel as a group, usually when you have one wasp you have a hundred. Find out the preferred solutions to eliminating the wasps in your yard.

Inspect areas where nests can be built. Restrict them from building larger nests by expelling small nests at first sight.
Install a light in spaces where wasps like to assemble and keep it on all day. This will frighten them away from that space.
Make sure to secure any area where they nest, cover all eaves.
If you do discover a nest that is bigger than your fist it is time to bring in a pest control professional. We provide both commercial and residential pest control services. Do not allow yourself or your family to be put at risk by trying to handle these troublesome wasps by yourself. Beeline Pest Control serves customers promptly and professionally. We provide services in San Antonio, Schertz, New Braunfels and other areas in Texas. To find out more about our services, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and fill out the form or call us at 210-876-4566.

Call Beeline Pest Control today to assess the size and growth of your wasp infestation. We will work quickly and safely to return your home back to a wasp-free zone.