Rats in San Antonio

Rats continually adapt to the world around them changing their behaviors to survive. This has kept them around a long time. Man is encroaching on the rodents territories which is bringing them out of the wild. They target homes and other building structures searching for warmth, food, and places to nest. It is rat season in the San Antonio area. Learn how to be prepared for it.

Signs of Rats

    • Tiny dark droppings
    • Holes they have burrowed under debris or structures
    • Debris or signs of damage from them gnawing on items like fruits, vegetables, nuts, bones, wood, paper and wiring.
    • Pet food disappearing
    • Their frequent travel leaving marks on wall or baseboards
  • Paths left in grass or dirt where they continuously roam

Where to Look for Rats

Rodents, Rats, and mice search for shelter and build nests in sheds, garages, homes, and gardens. Look for them:

    • Under piles of trash, wood, paper, and clothes  
    • In small spaces under buildings, patios, and decks
    • In attics, ceilings, walls, and sub-floors
    • Behind and under vanities, cupboards, bathtubs, and appliances
  • Under, in, and behind machinery, furniture, animal cages, and boxes

How to Avoid Rat Infestations

    • Shut your doors, and keep them closed at dusk
    • Regularly check for potential entrance points and block or seal gaps and openings with rodent prevention material
    • Use wire mesh to cover floor vents and other openings
    • Keep your home and property free of junk and garbage
    • Regularly empty trash and use ones with lids
    • Clean out storage areas, sheds, and garages often
    • Trim lawn, trees, and shrubs which may provide cover or access to the house
    • Store food in sealed containers
    • Block access points to cupboards and food storage and preparation areas
  • Keep kitchen area, floors, cupboards, and counters clean and free of food or crumbs

How to Protect Yourself from Rats

    • Thoroughly clean all areas where there were signs of rodents
    • Throw away any food or beverages that may have come in contact with them
    • Secure all food in sealed, airtight containers
    • Wash all cookware and utensils in soapy hot water before use
  • Protect your feet and do not lie or sleep on or around areas with visible signs of rodents

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