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Rat & Rodent Pest Control San Antonio, TX

Rats scare many individuals with good reason. They spread disease and illness throughout human populations and can do significant damage to a home in a short period. This doesn’t even take into account the noise they make in the home, which can prevent occupants from getting a good night’s sleep, and just knowing a rodent is present in the house can be enough to keep people awake at night. Rodent issues need to be addressed immediately by a company that specializes in rat pest control to ensure no one becomes ill and no damage is done to the residence. Let us be your rat exterminator.  What do people need to know about rats, creatures that tend to be more abundant and problematic from October through April in San Antonio?

How Do Rats Enter The Home?

Rats only need a small space to get into a residence, one that is merely 1/2 inch is enough for them to gain entry. If their nose fits in, they can get in. Furthermore, rodents love to gnaw on things and can make a small opening large enough to enter the structure in a short period of time. The location where AC tubing enters a home’s siding is an area where rodents may gain entry to a home. Also, any small gaps in the eaves of the roof provide access to the attic, and garage doors that aren’t sealed properly are another way for them to enter the home. These are only a few of the many areas homeowners need to be concerned about.

What Do Rats Eat?

Rats aren’t picky about what they eat, although food preferences do vary by species. Black rats, for example, prefer to eat fruits and grains. In order to keep their teeth ground down, a rat needs to gnaw on various objects, but they will eat anything when they become hungry. What many homeowners don’t realize is that rats like to eat pet food and will turn to a bird feeder when they want food. This may lead to them nesting in or around the home, where they will work their way indoors when their food source dries up.

The Breeding Habits Of Rats

Rats breed at any time of the year, and this is especially true in warm climates like those found in Texas. A female rat produces up to five litters a year, with each litter having an average of seven to 14 babies. The gestation period is typically around 21 to 23 days. Thus one rat can quickly become many in a short period. Homeowners need to take prompt action to ensure one rat in the residence doesn’t become a rat infestation taking over the home. They live anywhere from one to five years, although the average rat survives three years, and what may appear to be a minor problem can soon become a major one, in the event the rats are allowed to continue breeding.

Why Are Rats So Difficult To Eradicate?

Rats climb, swim and jump, they find ways to not only get into the home but to evade measures designed to remove them. They don’t see well but do perceive the world in much the same way humans struggling with red-green colorblindness see the world. They like to move around at night, so often aren’t detected until different signs are seen. This may come in the form of furniture that has been gnawed on or rat droppings.

mice and rats

Why Beeline Pest Control?

Beeline Pest Control understands how to get rid of rats and mice from a residence once and for all. These pests tend to be very resilient, and store-bought treatments are typically ineffective. For this reason, we make use of professional grade baits and regulated bait stations, as this ensures family pets aren’t harmed. When the rat enters the station, they gain access to the bait. Once it has been consumed, the rat exits the station and goes elsewhere to die. This helps with rat control.

The bait used serves as a dehydrating agent that will get rid of mice and rats. One benefit of using the stations is the bait remains inside. In the event more rats attempt to enter the residence, the bait will still be active for years to come. During future visits, the stations are checked, and quarterly customers find their stations are refilled with new bait during each visit at no additional charge.

Don’t allow rodents of any type to take over your residence. We come out and evaluate the problem to determine the best course of action to control rats. In addition to using bait stations to remove any existing pests, we offer recommendations to help ensure the home isn’t hospitable to rodents. This may include taking steps to seal any gaps and holes around the perimeter to prevent rodents from entering and removing any that are present.

Contact us today to ensure no rodents decide to make your home their own. We will be your rat exterminators and ensure your residence isn’t hospitable to them at any time. We want you to be comfortable in your home and will work hard to ensure you are.  We aim to be the best rodent pest control throughout San Antonio and Schertz.