Rodent Control San Antonio: Be In The Know

Rodents and rats in San Antonio are much more common than people would want to believe. Since rats are able to burrow through most walls and structures, they are able to hide well. Rodent issues can go unnoticed for many years and often cause extreme amounts of damage.  With the cooler weather rodents and mice will build their nests inside homes and businesses as they seek food, water, and shelter. It’s a good idea to have your home and attic inspected for any rodent activity. For the best rodent control, San Antonio has to offer, rely on a top pest control company in the area – Beeline Pest Control in Texas.

Rat Control San Antonio

Most residents of Texas do not realize they have rats or rodents living in or around their homes and businesses.  Surprisingly, these rodents can squeeze into the smallest crevices and holes; sometimes as small as a dime. Rats can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter. They also have the ability to flatten their bodies and fit under doors. Basically, if their head can fit through something so can their bodies.  If you know what you are looking for, you can quickly tell if you have rodents. Some rodent signs to watch out for include;

  • A foul urine smell and small fecal droppings 
  • Dark, greasy travel marks along baseboards or walls 
  • Disappearing pet food
  • Small trails in your yard 
  • Gnaw marks on wood, wiring, food containers or paper 

If you are seeing more rat signs than normal, read this article to figure out why.

Best Rodent Extermination San Antonio

As rats and rodents seek to find shelter, they will almost build their nests anywhere. Typically they build nests in residential structures, sheds, old buildings and garden areas. Because of their amazing sense of smell, they are drawn to kitchens and areas where they can find food. It is important to remember to make sure all food is put away. To prevent rodent infestations, it is smart to check the following areas in and around your home or business:

  • Behind machinery or under furniture 
  • Between attic and wall spaces 
  • Within subfloors and ceilings
  • Under decks, patios, and buildings and in other low traffic areas
  • In garbage, clothes, and boxes 
  • Inside large appliances, vanities, bathtubs, and cupboards

Rodent Removal Texas

If you happen to notice signs of rodents in or around your home, Beeline Pest Control in Texas can help. Our Texas rodent control includes rodent removal, rat removal, rat extermination, and all rodent extermination. As the top-rated pest control service, we guarantee we will exterminate your rodent problem quickly. When it comes to a good exterminator, you want the treatment to include baits, rodent traps or use experienced removal techniques.  No matter what rodent removal technique is used, you can count on our Texas extermination company to take care of whatever rodent problem you have. For more information on rats, read this article here. 

Same Day Rodent Control

When you have a rat or rodent problem in Texas, you’ll want to call a professional pest control company right away. For the best rodent control San Antonio has to offer, you call Beeline Pest Control Texas.  Whatever pest control you are in need of, our experienced pest control technicians can help. Give the Texas pest specialists a call today at (210) 742-8802 for all your commercial pest control, residential pest control,  or emergency pest control needs.  We provide expert extermination services to residents of San Antonio, New Braunfels, Schertz, and the surrounding areas.  


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