How to Rid Your Home of Fleas Without Disturbing Your Pets?

Dogs and cats are great fun. They make great house pets. Children and adults can enjoy their company equally. They surely add a lot more color to the regular life. However, there is one problem almost all pet lovers face on a daily basis – the invasion of fleas. Fleas can come with dogs, cats, and even rabbits. If you have uninvited trespassers like mice and rats, you can experience a flea invasion as well.

Why are fleas so annoying?

Firstly, they are fast and nifty; they can fool your eyes efficiently. Although they are wingless, they can clear up to 33 cm in one leap. They can jump from one pet to another in no time.

Secondly, they can and will bite human beings. We may not be delicious to these six-legged Olympian jumpers, but occasionally they will sting us and feed on our blood for a change of taste.

Thirdly, they can lay eggs on everything! By everything, we mean EVERYTHING! Carpets, grounds, beds, cracks between floorboards, drapes, and your clothes. They can hatch in 2 days and create a small army of fleas inside your home.

Finally, getting rid of fleas by mechanical methods including combing your pets, vacuuming your upholstery and bed, and cleaning your floors is impossible. They are quite resistant. They can quickly become an indoor problem.

Why do you need expert advice?

Expert pest control like Beeline can help you understand if you have a flea problem inside your home. OTC products can help you get rid of the visible adult fleas, but will not help you get rid of the cocoons and larvae. Check out fleas to find out all the things you need to know to construct a flea management plan.

  • Species
  • Hosts
  • Chemicals
  • Physical procedures
  • Inspections

These are a few things our experts determine during the first visit to your home.

Why are fleas more than a passing problem?

Fleas can carry a plethora of diseases including –

  • Plague
  • Typhus
  • Tungiasis
  • Flea tapeworm
  • Bartonellosis

Plague and typhus are common diseases that rat fleas cause all over the world. These pests are not only dangerous for your pets, but they can also pose an imminent threat to your family as well. If you spot your dog or cat scratching a lot or if you see small black debris behind their ears and along their spine, it is time to give a call.

Why should you call Beeline today?

Beeline examines the cause of the infestation, the species of the fleas and the practical plans to get rid of them from your property. We find the root of the problem and give you a personalized solution for the same. Each home has unique needs for flea extermination due to different kinds of pets, home plans, humidity conditions, and drapes.

If it is warm outside, and your pets decide to sit down and scratch it out, it is time to give the Beeline Pest Control a swift call!