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Rodents of any type pose health issues for San Antonio area homeowners. Rats and mice carry a variety of diseases as well as being hosts for fleas and ticks that present additional dangers to homeowners and their families. Properly protecting properties from rodent infestations is not overly complex. But, if rodent populations are allowed to grow, expert help will almost certainly be required to eradicate them. In the meantime, there are things every property owner should consider that can reduce the chances of rodent infestations. One of the best things you can do is rely on a rat pest control San Antonio company right away.

Why Getting Rid of Rats and Mice Quickly is Crucial

While the threat of disease spread by direct contact with rodents is real, there are other less-obvious threats to be considered. First, rodent feces and urine will also serve to spread diseases, and those hazards are inevitable when rodents have gained entry and set up housekeeping in a home. The second significant threat is food contamination. While gnawed cereal boxes are obvious signs of contamination, some indications are less obvious. Any foods located in areas frequented by rodents should be suspect, as even indirect contact poses a threat. If questions arise related to possible contamination, discussing the situation with the team at Beeline Pest Control or a public health professional is strongly advised prior to consuming any foods stored in areas where mice or rats have traveled or nested.

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Rats and mice also damage property. Furniture and clothing are frequents destroyed by nesting or foraging rodents. Eliminating the pests as quickly as possible minimizes the potential for damage. When rodent populations are present, drawers, closets, and other areas should be carefully searched for signs of nests or food storage sites. In all cases, pest industry experts, including Beeline Pest Control, all agree that rodents in a home should be removed promptly.


Eliminate Entry Points

Rats and mice need only tiny openings to gain entry to a home. Even rats can gain access if there is any opening over one-half inch in size. Mice can fit through even smaller openings. If they can squeeze their head through the opening, you’re likely to have company quickly. To prevent rats and mice from entering a home, it pays to make sure all potential entry points are sealed.

Homeowners are encouraged to inspect their property frequently for any signs of openings large enough to allow entry. So, the small openings visible around faucets, exterior outlets, and vents should be carefully sealed to prevent access. When rats or mice have gained entry, sealing a property’s perimeter will also be one of the required steps.

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Don’t Forget About the Yard!

Texas is home to both Norway and roof rats, and either variety will gladly take advantage of new food sources – including homes and garages. Since rats and mice are common throughout the region, it only makes sense to make a property less hospitable. There are a few steps homeowners can take to make their properties less attractive to rodents.

  • Don’t leave pet food out. While that may seem obvious, homeowners routinely leave cat and dog food outdoors, which not only attracts rodents but other pests as well. If pets must be fed outside, do so but remove the dishes as soon as the pet has eaten its fill.
  • Be careful with garbage cans and compost piles, as both are excellent food sources for rodents, raccoons, and other common pests.
  • Eliminate yard waste promptly. Yard waste presents a great opportunity for rats and mice to hide and nest. Set the waste out with the weekly garbage for collection or use rodent-proof compost containers.
  • Remember that garages and storage buildings also present great housing opportunities for all types of rodents, so take steps to seal those structures as well to keep rodents out.

Keeping rodent populations from inhabiting a yard reduces the likelihood they’ll actively be searching for any access to your home. For more advice, contact a pest professional.

If you are seeing more rat signs than normal, read this article to find out why.

Getting Rid of Rodents Once They’ve Become Established-Rat Pest Control San Antonio

While a small number of rats or mice might be successfully eliminated by a homeowner using traps and bait purchased locally, more established populations present significant issues most homeowners simply can’t handle without professional help from Beeline Pest Control. We have the tools and expertise to quickly and safely remove rodents and other pests from a home or yard. To learn more about rats in Texas, read this article here.

Pest control is not always a one-time event. In most cases, pests will return when new opportunities arise. That means homeowners need to be vigilant to reduce the odds of any pests infesting their homes. However, by taking precautionary steps, many pest issues will be avoided. Discussing any existing or potential rodent infestation issues with the Beeline Pest Control team is always recommended. We will be here to help when you need us. To get rid of an existing rodent infestation and prevent new ones, get in touch with our team today.

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