Rats San Antonio

With fall on the way and the colder weather rapidly approaching, it’s good to start thinking about pest control. Especially our favorite pest of all, the lovely rat. They are very intelligent, extremely acrobatic and capable of sniffing out anything. You will see the numbers increasing as they start looking for water, food, and shelter. You’ll be surprised what damage rats San Antonio can do.

Signs Of Rodents & Rats

Most often people don’t realize they have rodents or rats in and around their homes. But, if you look closely or start to smell foul odors, you can usually tell they are they. Here are some rat signs to watch out for:

  • Burrows they have dug under structures or debris
  • Gnaw marks on vegetables, fruits, nuts, wood, paper, bones, and wiring.
  • Disappearing pet food
  • Dark greasy travel marks on wall or baseboards 
  • Tiny dark droppings or a foul urine smell
  • Small paths in the dirt or grass leading to where they often roam

Rats San Antonio 

Rats and mice tend to search for shelter and build nests in homes, sheds, garages, and gardens. Look for signs of rats and rodents in these areas:

  • Under vanities, inside cupboards, bathtubs, and appliances
  • Behind machinery, under furniture, in animal cages and boxes
  • In wood piles, trash, paper, and clothes
  • Inside walls, ceilings in attics and sub-floors
  • In small crevices under patios, buildings, and decks

House rats and mice can be found nesting behind large appliances, in attic spaces,  behind walls, and in small crawl spaces. Because of their great noses, they also can be found in your kitchen searching for crumbs and chewing through food containers. Norway rats, because of their heavy and large body they are mostly found invading basements and first floors of buildings and homes. Another common rodent of Texas is the Roof rat. In contrast, they have a lighter body and are also great climbers. They are usually found invading attic spaces and higher levels of buildings. If you are seeing more rat activity in Texas than usual this year, read this article

Are Rats Dangerous? The Answer Is Yes.

Rodents are not usually aggressive and they try to avoid people just as much as we try to avoid them. Even though they are not aggressive they are considered to be very dangerous. When they invade homes and other properties rodents contaminate food prep areas and food sources with their saliva, urine, and feces. They are also can spread diseases, such as Dysentery and Salmonellosis, and bacteria that cause people to become very sick. They also introduce many different kinds of parasites like mites, fleas, and ticks into your home.

In addition, they also constantly chew on things to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. Not only can this habit cause major damage inside of buildings but hey can cause structural damage as well. Rodents can chew pipes, wiring, drywall, insulation, and walls. Many times rodents are to blame for electrical fires. Interested in learning more about what these rats can do? Read more about rats in this article. 

Stop Rats San Antonio- Rely On The Best Texas Pest Control

At Beeline Pest Control in Texas, we can help eliminate and prevent rodent infestations. Our in-home pest control services include mice and rat protection. We offer rodent control services for your home or business. Our tailored treatment plans may include the use of traps, bait, and simple removal techniques. For professional removal of rats San Antonio, and rodent control throughout Texas, call Beeline Pest Control. The areas we service include south-central Texas, New Braunfels, Schertz, Universal City, Alamo Heights, and Bexar County Texas. Whatever pests you are dealing with in Texas, we can help. Call us today at (210) 742-8801, because whatever the pest is, Beeline’s the best!


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