Rat Removal San Antonio Texas

Rat Removal San Antonio Texas

Some people might say rats and mice are cute and very intelligent. Even though it may be true as pets, if rats are living in your Texas home or elsewhere on your property, they are very destructive and must be dealt with immediately. Rats multiply quickly and if they are able to live and breed freely it could cause a great amount of damage to your home. In addition, if they aren’t dealt with quickly they can cause serious health risks to your family. Having a professional rat removal company is your best bet when fighting a rat infestation. Texas homeowners commonly find two different types of rats in their homes: the Norway rat and the roof rat. 

Do You Have Norway Rats?

The Norway rat is a very large and bulky rodent. They can grow up to six to eight inches in length and they have tails that are a little shorter than their bodies. Their fur is brown and their ears are scaly and small. You would normally find them living outside in burrows underground. However, they do sometimes head indoors to escape the weather or search for food. This can happen in the winter or perhaps anytime there is a flood or heavy rainfall. These rodents are also referred to as street rats, sewer rats, or Norwegian rats. 

If a Norway rat happens to move into a home or garage, they are likely to build a nest in a space that’s low to the ground since they are not skilled climbers. These areas include basements, crawl spaces or beneath the flooring in a home. If a Norway rat builds its nest outdoors, they will build them near water. They will often be under something that provides shelter such as a garbage pile, woodpile, or overgrown vegetation. They also may build a nest along the foundation of other outdoor structure. For more information on rats you can read this article

Texas Roof Rats

The fact that roof rats are natural climbers and build their nests in high-up locations, they received their very fitting name. Roof rats will nest in high places such as in attic rafters or eaves. Roof rats are known as black rats and are a little smaller and darker than the Norway rat. Their fur is dark brown or black and the roof rats can grow to upwards from three to eight inches long. They have hairless scaly tails that are even longer than their bodies. Their eyes and ears are also a little larger than the Norway rat.

Signs Of Rats San Antonio

Here are some signs you may have a rat problem in your home or on your property:

  • Strong urine smells and rat droppings
  • Chewed through Bins, boxes or bags in the pantry
  • Gnaw marks on drywall, cardboard boxes, wood, wiring, etc.
  • Squeaking noises and scratching coming from inside the ceiling or walls
  • Greasy rub marks along walls or beams—these are made as rats travel between their nests, food and water sources
  • Rat sightings-whether they are dead or alive 
  • Nesting materials piled up in less used parts of the house

If you are seeing more rats in Texas than usual, read this article to learn more.

Rat Removal San Antonio Texas

It doesn’t matter which type of rat you have on your property, you just need the rat infestation gone. Both types of rats are carriers of diseases like salmonella, bubonic plague and leptospirosis that can be dangerous to people and pets. These diseases can spread to a person or pet from a rat bite, or through bites from infected ticks and fleas.

Rats gnaw on everything and can cause damage to wood, wiring, drywall and other components of your home. Their feces and urine can also cause damage to homes when their waste soak through ceilings, floors and other areas. For these alarming reasons, it is very important to get rid of rats right away.

Protect Your Family With Beeline Pest Control Rat Removal San Antonio

Even if you manage to keep food in airtight containers and keep your home tidy,  you still might find yourself with a rat infestation. Rather than trying to get rid of rats on your own, your best bet is to hire a professional rat exterminator. They will be able to address the rat problem before it gets out of control. At Beeline Pest Control, Whether you have rats or mice, our experienced pest control specialists are highly trained and ready to deal with any kind of rodent. Our professional-grade baits and regulated bait stations will keep your family and pets safe.  As the #1 rat exterminator San Antonio, we’ll ensure your residence is free of rodents, mice, and rats. If you have seen signs of rats or other rodents in your home, call the rat removal San Antonio experts at Beeline Pest Control today at (210) 202-4242.

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