How Can You Control Wasp Infestations on Your Property Safely?

Controlling Wasp Infestations on your Property

Bees are beautiful creatures that pollinate flowers and make honey. Wasps, on the other hand, are just nature’s way of messing with human beings! They look like bees, but they are much more aggressive. They sting more, and unlike bees, the female wasps can sting repeatedly. So, if you see beautiful golden and black “bees” building a nest on your porch, maybe it is time to give a team of pest control experts a call.

How to identify wasps?

Wasps look much lankier and longer than bees. Bees tend to be fuzzier especially the solitary bees and mason bees. Once you know the textbook description, it becomes much easier to tell one from the other.
Bees usually build nests from wax. Wasps like the yellow jacket typically build paper nests. They like to make their nests in crawlspaces, under leaves and building overhangs.

How to avoid wasp stings?

Wasp stings are nasty, and they can be life-threatening if you have allergic reactions to the same. Agitating them with OTC wasp killers is easy. Yellow jacket wasps are very dangerous to young children and pets. These are very common during summer and autumn months. If you spot a nest, it is better to avoid agitating it. Just check out wasps for the easy ways to get rid of wasps from your property.

When is it time to call Beeline Pest Control?

Wasp nests can grow fast. The rule of thumb that you should follow is if you spot a wasp nest that is bigger than your fist, call our experts. Beeline will work swiftly and safely to restore your home to a wasp-free zone.
Wasps can be aggressive, territorial and offensive. They usually require much lesser provocation than bees and even bumblebees to sting. DIY removal is not such a good idea. Check out texasbeeline for smarter ways to rid your property of all kinds of standard wasps permanently.

What does Beeline do to get rid of wasps?

We use a wholesome approach to rid your property of different wasp species. Various kinds of wasps can take over a hole in your home and garden. The extermination method depends on the type of wasps. That is why we apply a few preventive and protective measures before and during the process.

Inspection of nests: we run a thorough examination of the nests and the swarms to understand the wasp control plan you need. Each kind of nest and place of nesting require different strategies. We tailor the methods according to the need of your family.

Documentation of the process: not only do we examine and redress, but we also run follow-up services to keep your property free of wasps in the future.

Cultural controls and sanitation: our teams can help you keep the area clean to prevent future infestations. We can help you modify their potential nesting zones in the area around your home to keep your property safe from future invasions.

Beeline also provides emergency services since we understand the anxiety, stress, and mental duress wasps, inside your home or right outside on the porch, can cause. Check out Beeline Pest Control website to find out other ways to get rid of all kinds of pests that can bug your house.

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