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Bed Bugs Pest Control San Antonio, Texas

While a variety of insects create issues for San Antonio, Texas homeowners, bed bugs are one of the more difficult ones to eradicate. For years, bed bugs were virtually non-existent in the United States as commonly-employed insecticides were highly effective at eliminating them. Modern regulations controlling the use of those pesticides resulted in a resurgence of the bugs, and they are now once again routinely seen in Texas. Today, it’s all too common for homeowners to become hosts and experience uncomfortable bites while they’re sleeping.

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How Can Homeowners Identify Bed Bugs?

There are common signs indicating the presence of bed bugs in a home. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends homeowners routinely examine sheets and mattresses for reddish stains, dark spots, and eggs. Of course, if live bed bugs are spotted, it’s important to take steps immediately to eliminate the pests. Bed bugs are oval and relatively flat. Quality pictures are available online, allowing homeowners to easily identify the pests.

Do Bed Bugs Live in Places Other Than Beds?

Unfortunately, bed bugs can live in a variety of places as long as there are hosts nearby to feed on. They prefer dark areas like cracks, which is why bedding provides a great place to hide between feedings. Bed bugs can also easily live in many other places, especially with larger infestations. Look in drawers, boxes of stored items, suitcases, closets, and any other area that’s dark most of the time. Even laptop computers are frequent hiding spots. If those tell-tale reddish stains are visible, bed bugs are likely present.

Can Homeowners Eradicate Bed Bugs Without Professional Help?

While the short answer is yes, there are significant disadvantages to homeowners taking on the task themselves. First, the professionals are better trained at ferreting out the many possible sites where bed bugs can hide. Next, homeowners may be able to purchase insecticides at local stores that are somewhat effective, but they may not be the best products to meet a home’s specific challenges. Professionals know which insecticide options provide the best results to meet each client’s unique needs. Chemicals that might be effective in eliminating adult bed bugs generally don’t provide protection from new bed bug eggs.

Safety is Always an Issue

Pesticides commonly sold over the counter often present health threats to a home’s occupants or their pets. At Beeline Pest Control, our team is well-versed in the use of all available pesticides, ensuring residents and pets are protected from potential health issues related to their use. While it’s easy to assume nothing unfortunate will happen when directions on a can are followed, that’s not always the case. Homeowners always need to be extremely careful with the use of any chemicals in a home, as there are always risks involved with their use. The safety of our clients is always our first priority, and we’ll carefully evaluate each situation before making treatment recommendations.

Can Affected Household Goods Be Salvaged?

Here, it’s always a good idea to discuss specific household goods and whether or not they should be reused with one of the Beeline Pest Control experts prior to making any decisions. There are almost always strategies that can be applied if saving specific items is important. On the other hand, an older, torn mattress should probably be properly disposed of. The same thing is true of old, heavily-worn furniture. Rips and tears provide easy access for bed bugs and allow them to find hiding places where even some of the better pesticide treatments may not be sufficient to kill the pests. When even a few bedbugs escape eradication, the odds of a re-infestation are significantly higher.

Are Re-Treatments Necessary?

Again, the specific situation dictates the strategy Beeline Pest Control experts will recommend. When heavy infestations are present, re-treatments may be needed to ensure a 100 percent rate of getting rid of bed bugs. Even with relatively small infestations, the treatment strategy employed may well require a revisit by out team to ensure the pests are gone permanently.

Preventing Re-Infestations 

It’s always prudent to take every step possible to prevent re-infestations. That means, first, trying to identify the original source of the infestation. If bed bugs showed up only after a recent trip, it’s a solid possibility the pests hitchhiked home from one of the places visited. While most motels are cleaned properly, it’s still possible for bedbugs brought in by one guest to easily get into clothing or luggage of the next guest in the room. Even visiting relatives can introduce bed bugs to a home.

Common lore suggests unclean homes are more likely to be infested than immaculately clean ones, but that’s simply not true. Bed bugs don’t care how clean a home is and, if there is an opportunity presented, they’ll move in.

Beeline Pest Control’s experts have access to the latest research and strategies available to control bed bug infestations. If there is any indication bed bugs are present, it’s important to begin treatments as soon as possible to limit the size of the infestation. To get advice or immediate help, contact the Beeline Pest Control team today at (210) 876-4566.