Where Can Mosquito Infestations Be Found?

Where Can Mosquito Infestations Be Found? 

“Mosquitoes? It’s laughable to even brand them as an infestation. Aren’t they a normal part of a healthy environment?” If your manner of thinking falls somewhere along with this statement, then you’d someday be surprised with how much your obliviousness will cost you. Mosquitoes may seem like tiny, flying creatures – less terrifying than flies, really – but they’re vicious blood-thirsty insects. One mosquito may not inflict much damage by itself but watch out for when their numbers grow – you’ll take back every silly thought you’ve had about them being harmless. The best way to stop a mosquito infestation is to prevent it. If you need help with that, rely on the best pest control Company Schertz has to offer. Before you call a Schertz pest control company, here are a few things to consider:

One or two mosquitoes shouldn’t pose any grave harm. And you’re right. Their presence is completely normal, especially in tropical countries. Mosquitoes, after all, are important members of the food chain – not that it makes them feel any better. However, mosquitoes breed fast and letting things be might lead to more serious repercussions in the future. If you feel like there’s one too many of them frolicking around your home, it would be best to cut the roots of a potential problem before it even begins.  

What better place to stop an infestation other than where it is likely to start? 

The mosquitoes nesting grounds. 

Where Can Mosquitoes Be Found? 

Mosquitoes are insects found almost anywhere – at home, in the office, woods, mountains, beaches, and practically every other place on the planet. However, certain conditions need to be met in order for mosquitoes to breed and survive. Ideally, mosquitoes nest in places that are: 


Places with a lot of moisture or still water are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. After all, mosquitoes aren’t born with the gift of flight. They start out as tiny, little wrigglers swimming in muddy water. 


Mosquitoes are often found in places that are dark, probably due to their nocturnal nature. They often hide in rooms that have little to no light (e.g. closets, attics, basements) or camouflage their bodies on dark-colored household items or clothing. If you hang a dark-colored jacket on a clothing rack for more than a week or so, you’ll realize that by the time you take it out mosquitoes have already gone and made themselves cozy on the inner folds of your jacket – especially if it used to be damp.


Lastly, moisture and darkness aren’t the only things that attract these pesky, little insects. Mosquitoes like to live in dirty places too. If you have an unkempt room in the house, full of soot and dust, you’re sure to find mosquitoes lurking around inside as well. 

And it just so happens that all the things that tempt mosquito colonies to stay and proliferate start with the letter “D” – oh well, it works better for the memory so lucky you. So the next time you do some general cleaning at home,  target places that fall into the criteria of the 3Ds (Damp, Dark, and Dirty) and transform it to the 3Cs – Cool, Clean, and Cozy!  

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