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Pest Control San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is an area with a rich colonial heritage and is well known for its natural bridge caverns, the San Antonio Riverwalk and the Alamo. With the nice weather and so many things to see and do in Texas, many people call it their home. Along with the warmer weather and humid climate, many pests also call San Antonio their home. For the best pest control San Antonio, here are some tips to help rid your home of the top unwanted guests in Texas. After all, you are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home. If you need more help, protect your home with the best pest control San Antonio has to offer!

Ant Pest Control

When you talk about ants living in Texas, they are literally everywhere with over 100 species. You’ll find these annoying little pests in your home, yard, sidewalks and other areas near food and water sources. Carpenter ants, sugar ants and fire ants are probably the most common in San Antonio. Ant mounds can be unsightly and don’t forget the painful stings. When the ants get out of control, get the help you need and call a professional ant exterminator in San Antonio.

Termite Pest Control San Antonio

Termites will quickly take over and cause damage to your home. The state of Texas has a high risk of termite infestation, so it is important to understand how to prevent termites from invading. These pests cause about five billion dollars of damage in the United States every year. It is important to remember that they can cause substantial damage without you even realizing they are there. Some areas that attract termites include houses framed with wood, old tree stumps, moist areas, roofs with missing tiles, cotton fabric, fences, and decks. You may detect termites if you see small mounds of fecal pellets, groups of discarded wings, cracked paint, mazes on the outside of wood, spongy wood or sagging floors.  Most importantly, It is best to have a professional pest control company to come and inspect your home for termites.

Mosquito Pest Control

It is best to find prevention solutions to control mosquitoes.  The most beneficial way you can get rid of breeding sites of mosquitoes is by reducing the areas with standing water. You can do this by repairing and leaking outdoor pipes or faucets. You can also use citronella candles outdoors to give you some relief. In addition, you can wear light-colored and loose fitted clothes when outdoors. If you choose to use a repellent, make sure you apply it to your clothes and any exposed skin. In order to make sure all the breeding sites are destroyed, it is best to call in a professional mosquito exterminator.

Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpions tend to be one of the most frightening pests out there. These pests can be a serious threat if they are disturbed. Scorpions usually hide in dark places in order to regulate their body temperature and to preserve moisture. Even though a scorpion sting is usually not deadly, it isn’t something you want to happen. You can’t really avoid Scorpions in and around your home, but having the house sprayed regularly by a pest control company will help.

Bed Bug Pest Control

With few effective insecticides, increased travel outside the states and immigration, bed bugs have recently spread quickly making them a big problem.  This year Houston and the Dallas/Fortworth area have shown up on a national top 20 list for the number of bed bug infestations in a metropolitan area. Bedbugs are extremely hard to find since they are so small. The body of the bed bug is flat, reddish-brown in color and round. It is smart to keep things off the floor, inspect each room, furniture, headboards and beds for small brown or black spots.

Once these invaders make it into your home, it can be difficult to control. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact your local pest control company right away. You’ll be able to schedule an inspection and they’ll come up with a plan to eliminate your bed bugs for good!

Cockroach Pest Control

There are many different kinds of cockroaches throughout Texas but they prefer the more humid Texas Coast. Cockroaches thrive in semi-tropical areas. Roaches tend to be alarming to most people when found scurrying across your floor. Our homes provide them with shelter, food and a water source in order for them to survive. Lucky for us there are no known poisonous roaches in the US but they can spread disease. Because they multiply quickly it is a good idea to rely on a trusted pest control company for your roach control.

Spider Pest Control

You have probably been scared by a spider if you have ever lived in or visited Texas. Most of the spiders are not harmful but there are some reasons that cause people to be scared of spiders. All spiders have venom, but the black widow and the brown recluse spider two most dangerous spiders in Texas. Even though a bite from one of these 8 legged insects is rare, the bite can be very unpleasant and life-threatening. It is worth having a pest control professional come and spray the surrounding perimeter of your home and property from time to time.

Best Pest Control San Antonio

Even though you live in an ideal area where it is humid and warm, it doesn’t mean your home has to be crawling with all kinds of pests. For the best pest control, San Antonio has to offer, give Beeline Pest Control San Antonio a call today at (210) 739-1320. You don’t have to be uncomfortable in your own home. When DIY pest control methods don’t work, rely on the top pest control company today!

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