Steps To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies

Nobody likes their residential home or commercial building to get infested by insects. They are not only a nuisance but also can impinge the health of people directly as well as indirectly. Most of the insects favor a warm climate in order to breed and grow. During the Spring and Summer one can expect to welcome the uninvited guest, flies. Cluster flies are one such species who is known to cause menace for people during the summer.

What Are Cluster Flies?

Before going further describing the ways to get rid of cluster flies, let’s get an insight of what they are. These flies are recognized as outdoor flies which tends to turn indoors when the weather turns cold. They tend to feed on earthworms and thus breed in places close to where worms burrow. Thus, these hibernate in places like the attic or in between the cracks of walls which are difficult to reach.

How To Distinguish Cluster Flies From Other Insects?

Cluster flies look similar to other houseflies. The only distinguishing factor to recognize a cluster fly apart from a housefly is the markings in its body. A cluster fly is larger in size than a housefly and comprises of golden yellow colored hair on its thorax. Sometimes the wings are overlapped over each other when resting. Cluster flies move very lazily.

Ways To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies

Though Cluster flies do not cause any health hazards, they can be quite a nuisance. As they breed quickly, in no time its count can turn into thousands. One can find them in plenty hibernating between the cracks of the wall, vents, gaps, dents and openings during winters. Thus, one can find them flying hither and thither when the weather turns warm.

Listed below are golden ways, one can attempt to eliminate the gathering of Cluster flies:

Spray Them Off

While, one may be unaware of these specific flies during its breeding time, locating it becomes easy as they grow larger. These flies range from 3/8th to ½ of an inch in size thus can be spotted with ease. To eliminate Cluster flies, one can opt for good domestic insecticidal spray, which can be an effective way to get rid of them. The spray will prove quite effective in killing the Cluster flies. They would soon start to move slowly due to the poison’s effect or else can be found dead. One can then use a vacuum cleaner to empty these dead flies and throw them outside the house.

Keep All Windows And Doors Closed

Preventing an infestation of Cluster flies is much better than dealing with the problem later.  It is always better to keep the windows and doors sealed well. This will prevent these flies from entering indoor and claiming their place inside the cracks around the house.

Seal The Dents

Broken tiles, slates, and cracks inside the walls are the most lucrative place for flies to breed. Sealing the dents and cracks in floors, ceilings and walls in addition to replacing the broken tiles and slates before autumn can help prevent Cluster flies from entering your home or commercial building.

Seek Professional Help

Even after taking all necessary precautions, if the flies are still living around or inside your home or commercial building then taking professional help is vital. Often it may be difficult to drain out the flies while they hibernate inside cracks and inaccessible places. A professionals Pest control company with their expert ways can help to get rid of the trouble with ease.

Taking the right precautions at the right time can help one enjoy warm weather without facing the problem of Cluster flies invading their space.