Spraying to Eliminate Bugs

How does a Beeline Pest Control technician treat a customer’s home for a general spray for pests? Beeline Pest Control Texas in the San Antonio and New Braunfels area is the best of both worlds.We’re a close knit, family owned & operated business, so you will always get personalized and attentive pest control service. We’re also part of a larger Beeline Pest Control family across four states, with twenty years of expert pest control experience.

While every house is a little different and every area has different insects at different amounts, Beeline Pest Control typically recommends spraying your home every three months on our Quarterly Pest Control program. This is because Beeline Pest Control uses micro-encapsulated insecticides. This means that the pesticide has tiny microscopic bubbles that are sprayed out, and these bubbles are popped when they get stepped on or brushed up against by insects. They won’t leave a residue like powders and they will last a lot longer than liquid concentrates. Micro-encapsulated pesticides can generally last from two to three months in areas that are generally protected from the elements.If you take care to have your home sprayed every Quarter you are ensuring a comprehensive treatment stays in effect year round.

An outside Spray for pest control will go as follows: A Beeline Pest Control employee will focus the pest control spray around doorways, windows, in cracks and crevices and any trouble areas you may have. Beeline will spray around the foundation of the home as well to help form the protective barrier for your home against pests. In order to prevent ants, a technician might spray around pool areas or drains, mounds in the yard and along sidewalks. In order to prevent wasps, moths and spiders a Beeline technician will spray up into the eaves of the roof and under deck covers or pergolas. A typical spray in the inside of the home for pest control is similar to the outside. Baseboards, around doors and windows, and corners are sprayed.

Beeline offers many additives to a One time or Quarterly spray. While this spray will cover most general pests, Beeline can also add mice or rat bait stations to eliminate and/or prevent these rodents from entering the home. Beeline can also do a yard spay for ants, fleas, spiders, or simply for extra protection. Beeline offers a termite protection program as well.

Any Pest, Beeline Sprays are the best!