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At Beeline Pest Control we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top quality service to our customers in Sequin and surrounding areas of Texas. Our pest control services include but are not limited to mice removal,  rat removal, termite removal, roach removal, bed bug treatments, bee removal, and spider control. We specialize in treating and reducing the chance of recurring pest problems.

Bed Bug Pest Control Service

Bed bug removal-Get rid of all your bugs today!

Our Bed Bug services are safe and effective. With our heat treatments and environmentally safe products, we will take care of the problem the first time. To ensure a bedbug infestation does not re-occur, we will sometimes recommend a re-treatment.  We offer many different services and tips to keep bedbugs away as well as taking care of the current problem. Over the counter pesticides often present health concerns to a home and any occupants, including pets. At Beeline Pest Control, we can ensure our team is well educated with the use of all pesticides. This ensures our customers and pets are protected from any health issues. Our first priority is always the safety of our clients and explaining the recommended treatment process.

Termite Removal Service-Termite Control

Top-rated termite exterminator in Guadalupe County

Our Termite Services are effective and safe for your home and family, including your furry ones.  We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve any termite problem and rid your home of a termite infestation for good. We have experienced staff and top of the line equipment that allows us to see signs and symptoms of termite problems without causing more damage to your home.  We will also help you know the warning signs of a termite infestation and ways to prevent them in the future.

Rat Removal Company Serving Seguin and Surrounding Areas

Take back your home with affordable rat control service

Rats can be a huge problem in Texas, along with mice as they try to avoid the hot temperatures.  They can cause much damage to your walls and floor structures, as well gnawing on items in your home and leaving rat droppings. At Beeline Pest Control we try to help you see signs of a rat infestation and help you prevent any future ones. With our skilled and knowledgeable staff, we can treat and prevent any rodent issues happening in your home in the future. These pests can be resilient and typically store-bought treatments are ineffective. We understand how to use the proper bait and get rid of rats and mice from your home for good.

Seguin, Texas

Seguin is located in  Guadalupe County, Texas.  During the 2010 census, the population of Seguin was 25,175. The population was estimated to be 27,864 in 2015. Seguin was founded about a year and a half after the Texas Revolution, making Seguin one of the oldest cities in Texas. Seguin was the home for the Texas Rangers including Captain Jack Hays, who was probably the most famous ranger. Seguin was also the home of John E. Park, who was in construction and experimented using concrete made with local materials to build structures in Seguin.  Most all the structures in the town including the schools, churches, courthouse, homes had the largest concentration of concrete from the early 19th-century. Currently, about 20 of these structures still remain. For over 100 years the town depended on the surrounding ranches and rich farmland until the Depression.  During the Great Depression, there was an oil boom and Seguin was able to raise tax money in order to match federal grants to get a town facelift called “make-work.” The city’s public buildings were re-surfaced with an art-deco style including the city hall, the jail, courthouse, and fountain.  They also updated the sewer, sidewalks and added three swimming pools. One was for the blacks, one for the Hispanics and one for the Anglos.

The town celebrated its 100-year mark by opening Max Starcke Park with a pavilion, a golf course, picnic tables, BBQ pits and a scenic drive. Today you can snap a selfie with the World’s Largest Mobile Pecan, go on a spooky ghost tour, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Texas.  These are just a few things you can do in this small, family-friendly town.

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