As a hopeless romantic, I search for romantic things to do and places to go. Hawaii was one of my top romantic places to visit. My take is you can’t go wrong with a beach and a sunset. I love the sitting on the beach, listening to the sounds of waves crashing, smelling the salt in the air, and feeling the breeze brush my cheeks. As I write this, my mind is taking me to the beach right now. What makes it so special is having someone to share it with. I am now at a point in my life where I have that special someone.

We took a trip to San Diego California. We were cuddled up on the beach at sunset, enjoying all those things when I heard his whisper in my ear “I love you”. I smiled and responded with the same. He said “no, I mean I really love you” and I said, “I know, I love you too”. He began to share with me all the things he loves about me, and how I am the best thing that ever happened to him and how he didn’t ever want to live without me. I told him I felt the same. His arm was wrapped around me, and he squeezed me a little tighter as he reached his free arm to my view. In his hand was a small velvet box wrapped with a bright pink satin ribbon. It was all a bit of a whirlwind after that.

That proposal has brought me to this point today. I am now searching for a romantic location for a wedding that isn’t too far away. I have recently learned that San Antonio Texas was voted by as the #1 romantic city in the nation. I had never even been to San Antonio. I had only seen it on The Bachelorette.  It was portrayed as a great location for a memorable romantic getaway. It looked captivating to the heart. Couples walking along the lush river bank, enjoying a candlelight dinner on a moonlit terrace, and enjoying a picnic in a picturesque vineyard. It got me thinking about something different than I had imagined before.  I started researching San Antonio as a possibility for my wedding. This is what I found.

As one of the top leisure destinations in the nation, San Antonio is also a great place for a wedding. You can create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. With so many location options to choose from all with easy accessibility, the convenience of downtown, prices that anyone can afford, and a vast array of options make the planning almost effortless. Guests can appreciate the sunny weather, the variety of shops, the rich culture in the restaurants, museums and for the golf lovers,  50 golf courses in the area. Not to mention, Sea World, Alamo Mission San Antonio, San Antonio river walk are also great places to visit. Some of the wedding venues I am looking at include the Historic Sunset Station, The Veranda, and the Granberry Hiss Event Center.

With modern conveniences in the middle of a historic city,  a San Antonio wedding brings diverse culture, exciting cuisine, and thrilling attractions together. Starting my “Happily Ever After,” in San Antonio sounds like a good idea.

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