Methods To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Attacks

Infestations by bed bugs can cause a lot of discomfort for the people who come in close contact with them. In addition, houses infested with pests may also make the surrounding area unclean. Pests come in varied forms ranging from rodents to termites. While some are visible to the naked eye and can be hunted easily, others (like bed bugs) are very difficult to see with the naked eye allowing them entry into the house quite easily. Once you try DIY methods and they don’t work, rely on a top San Antonio Pest Control Company. You can also type in pest control company Schertz or San Antonio.

What are bed bugs?

These are small blood-sucking insects that are so tiny they can easily escape the eye of humans and enter the house. Bed bugs are usually hidden in places such as beds, gaps in the wall, and in dark crevices. They tend to come out during the night, only to turn the night into a sleepless one for humans.

When all are asleep in deep slumber, these tiny creatures jump people back to reality by biting them mercilessly. Bed bugs crawl on and bite the exposed skin. While their bite is not dangerous, they may leave behind a fluid on the skin that can lead to extensive itching.

From where do these bed bugs come?

Bed bugs are not an unusual phenomenon if one is a frequent traveler or commuter. They tend to reside in humid and dark places, silently sneaking into the luggage and clothing of the commuter. They can be found in large numbers in hotel rooms and transport vehicles. As these creatures are known to multiply at a great speed, within no time one may find the house to be infested by these bed bugs.

Are Bed Bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs are not considered to be a harmful insect, though its bite will leave an unpleasant reaction on the skin, creating an itching sensation. Their bites are not painful but the reaction tends to stay for a longer period of time.

Treating Bed Bugs-Leave it to a San Antonio Pest Control Company

What are the symptoms of bed bug bites?

While one may get bitten by various insects like mosquitoes and ants, the reaction of which goes away within hours, bed bug bites tend to last for a longer time. Some of the symptoms of bed bug bites are as follows:

1. The itch tends to stay for a long time, usually turning the skin reddish in color. The itch caused by bug bite tends to be severe in comparison to other bites

2. The individual skin may develop red bumps due to itching.

3. The skin may also develop rashes or blisters.

It is advisable to apply antibiotics to the infected area to reduce the itching sensation or any skin infection.

How can bed bugs be prevented?

These tiny bloodsuckers can be present in large numbers in public transport and hotels. It is not completely possible to avoid them sneaking into luggage or clothing, making it tricky to spot one. Though unavoidable, these creatures can surely be prevented by following simple preventive measures which are as follows:

1. Wrapping clothing and bed sheets in a plastic bag.

2. Before packing up luggage, check the luggage and clothing for bugs that may have hidden, and shake out and brush off clothing items.

3. On discovering bed bugs on the clothes or bed sheets, place the sheets in bright sunlight.

4. Do not combine clothing infested with bugs with clean clothing and sheets. In the case of infestation, it is better to get the help of professionals.

It can often be extremely difficult to get rid of bed bugs, so it is always recommended to get professional help which will help to ensure one gets sound sleep without any irritation by bugs.

Rely On A Top San Antonio Pest Control Company

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