How did I get bedbugs??

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bed-bugsThis is a question we are asked at Beeline Pest Control on a regular basis in San Antonio. The technical answer of course is, “We don’t know for sure”. However, we can absolutely narrow down the source of your bedbugs with just a few questions and an educated guess.

The first question we ask is, “Did you receive any used furniture lately?”
When you see a sofa, chair, mattress, etc. on the side of the road with an enticing “Free!” sign, you should almost always pass on the item. It may appear that you just found that free couch you’ve been looking for to go in your San Antonio Spurs man cave. However, after you wake up the next morning with red bites all over your body you’re not going to be so excited about your latest treasure find. There is almost always a reason that they are getting rid of it and it’s not usually because they’ve gotten new furniture.

If you are going to take used furniture, make sure you know where it is coming from and that they are bedbug-free. Even then I would search it with a proverbial fine tooth comb. Pay particular attention to the seams and the bottom. Bedbugs like to hide in places where they are undisturbed. Look for the bugs, of course, and for bedbug feces. The feces will look like little black dots and will usually be concentrated in a relatively small area.

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The second question we ask is, “Did you recently travel or stay in a hotel?”
Most hotels do take measures to prevent and deter bed bug infestations but even some of the nicest hotels have come down with bed bugs due to the transient nature of the industry. Bed bugs don’t travel very far on their own, but they are excellent hitchhikers. Bed bugs can easily climb on to your suitcase, travel bags, jump from brushing backpacks or even a pant cuff.

They are more than willing to let you walk them to their next “bed and breakfast” (pun intended). Whenever you stay in a hotel it’s a good idea take a few minutes to pull back the sheets and do a quick search of the bed seams. This isn’t going to guarantee that they aren’t there, but bedbugs are inherently lazy and like to stay as close to their food source as possible. So there is a pretty good chance that I will find them if they are there. You can also take a minute to look at the headboard and frame of the bed. The few minutes of inspection could save you countless hours or weeks of suffering.

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The third question is, “Did you just have a child or guest return home from college?”
While I wouldn’t necessarily tell you to never let a child come back home, you should be wary of what they may be bringing back with them. If they had bedbugs as their roommates at college, if someone in their dormitory had bedbugs or if they hung out in a hammock with someone who may have bed bugs: So many possibilities in the collegiate setting that end in bedbugs coming home as well.

Have your returning company go to a local laundromat and run all their clothes, blankets, sheets or anything else that can be safely dried through the dryer. The heat will kill the bugs and the eggs. If they are bringing furniture home, make sure to call Beeline Pest Control to treat the furniture before moving it in!

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