Have a Pest Problem?

Some insects are so annoying that even insect-lovers will not think twice before swatting them. Although every creature on this planet has a specific purpose, in the big picture, some of them can get irritating. If they continuously try to bite you, eat your food, or buzz around your ears, then you will most likely feel like killing them. This article highlights some of these irritating insects which you must get out of your home as soon as possible. As a result, you made need to call a pest control company.

Common Pest Problems

      1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry diseases, bite us, and annoy us with their buzzing sounds. They are extremely irritating. Female mosquitoes need blood to grow and lay eggs. Their bites are not that painful, but they do transfer diseases like malaria. Also, mosquito bites tend to itch for days after the actual bite. To top it off, their constant buzzing can be annoying when you have work to do and need to concentrate or when you’re trying to sleep.

      2. Fleas

Flea infestation is difficult to tackle and they have itchy bites, especially on pets. Insects depend on blood for survival. Your dog can suffer from scabby bites because of them. Fleas also tend to drop eggs on the ground when your pet is walking. As a result, you can soon have more insects in your house. If your home has a flea infestation, it will take massive effort to eradicate them.

      3. House Flies

House flies are disease carriers like mosquitoes, and they tend to contaminate our food. You have always seen how flies tend to buzz around your food, and no matter how many times you shoo them away, they always return. Flies regurgitate and excrete every time they land on something, thus becoming dangerous disease carriers when they land on your food or kitchen counter.

      4. Ants

Ants destroy food, and an infestation is hard to tackle as they come in large numbers. Ants are of different types: red, black, etc. Ants destroy our food when they discover it and worst, and they leave pheromone trails around the food source which signals other ants to come along too. Carpenter ants damage our homes, by making their homes inside the wood in our house and furniture. Bites from certain species of ants are also dangerous.

      5. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are agents of various allergies, and they are disease carriers and breed quite quickly. Cockroaches are plain disgusting. Unlike many other insects, cockroaches stay throughout the year, which means you have to get professional help to obliterate them.

      6. Ticks

Ticks are difficult to remove, and they are dangerous bloodsuckers who sneakily attack you. They wait around in tall grasses waiting for a human or animal to come by. Ticks suck blood and blow up like balloons. Ticks often carry dangerous diseases like Lyme Disease.

Of course, there are many other annoying critters, like bed bugs. These are just some of the worst insects which invade our homes. Visit texasbeeline.com or call (210) 305-4548 today to find all the solutions to your pest control worries.