I really get a kick out of hearing things like “best doughnuts in America,” “world’s best bbq”, “top real estate agent,”  “home of the greatest pancakes ever,” “nicest place to live,” “most attractive people” and “funniest movie you will ever see”. Obviously, these statements are opinion, not fact. Some of them may, however, be based on results, like polls, taste tests, surveys, awards and such, but even then, those are all based on opinions. I get it, we all have an opinion and like to share it. Well maybe most of us. Some people I notice, LOVE to impose their opinion on others, and that is where I tend to lose it. In the case of opinion, there is no “right” and no “wrong”. But some tend to think there is. If your opinion differs from theirs, “you’re wrong” and they do all they can to get you on the “right” side. It makes me laugh at first, then I get annoyed, sometimes a little frustrated, then I feel sorry for them. Of course, there are some topics which I can understand someone being very passionate about and wanting to share their point of view.

What I am talking about is when people start to argue over unimportant stuff and really try to convince others they are right. When in all intents and purposes, does it really matter? I have always heard about Texas BBQ and how it is the best in the world. “Everything is better in Texas” is common as well. I can say though, that I have been to restaurants that claim they have the best BBQ. The best BBQ for me is slowly cooked, tender and flavorful. It is also covered in yummy sauce. And my favorite part: perfectly crisp edges. It’s just not real BBQ to me if it doesn’t have a lot of sauce and those crispy edges. The BBQ I had there was good, but it was lacking in areas I just mentioned.  My next favorite line favorite “Life is bigger in Texas.” I have never lived in Texas, but I have visited several different cities in Texas, including San Antonio. San Antonio is packed with restaurants, history and so many places to visit including; the San Antonio River, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, the Tower of Americas, SeaWorld San Antonio and so much more. To me, life did seem bigger in Texas!

The interesting thing is, our opinions are based on how and where we grew up, and who we grew up with. They are composed of memories, experiences, comforts, and little things that make up our everyday life. Sharing opinions is great. It helps others know who we are, what we think, feel, and want. I think it is so important to be open to hearing others opinions as well. If we can focus on sharing and listening, and finding what works and what doesn’t work, well, I just think that would be better. There I go imposing my opinion…Here is a little question I have been asking others during matters of differences…”Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?”  I will choose HAPPY every time! (but I am not saying you have to.)

Better Things in San Antonio Texas