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Comprehensive Cockroach Control

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There is perhaps no more insect or pest more disgusting than a cockroach. These insects are almost synonymous with repugnance and can be a serious problem in a home or place of business. Cockroaches multiply at a rapid rate and leave their remains and fecal matter around your space. Because of this, infectious disease can be spread and living spaces easily contaminated. Eliminating cockroaches is extremely important to regaining a clean, healthy space. If cockroaches have invaded your space, Beeline Texas can help eliminate the infestation for good and set you on the path to future prevention.

Texas Roaches

Texas is home to a variety of cockroaches–all of them disgusting. While there are distinctions in roach types, most cockroaches share similar attributes and habitat preferences. Roaches enjoy living in damp, dark places and can grow to be well over an inch long. All homes, but roaches may be rarely seen as they hide extremely well. No matter the variety of roach, any cockroach problem must be eliminated immediately. Here is a look at a few common Texas cockroaches.

Oriental Roaches

These cockroaches, also known as ‘water bugs’, are a large species of roach found in damp, humid locations. Outdoors, they thrive in bushes and decaying organic matter, such as mulch and leafy ground cover. Indoors, they can often be found in humid, damp basements and beneath porches. In Texas and many other regions of the U.S, oriental cockroaches are a major pest. These roaches are dark brown or black in color and can be extremely elusive and difficult to eradicate completely without the right comprehensive treatment.

German Roaches

German cockroaches are among the most common roaches found in human dwellings. Like other species of roach, these cockroaches cannot survive very cold temperatures and prefer warmth, dark, and humidity. Like most roaches, these are scavengers and will eat nearly anything. This makes this species of roach common in untidy kitchens, restaurants, food processing facilities, and hotels.

These roaches are successful as pests in buildings since they have a short reproductive cycle, reproduce rapidly, can hide in very small places, and lack natural predators in human habitats. Because of this, pest control can be difficult–both in detection and eradication through bait traps and insecticide surface treatment. Some German cockroaches have even developed resistance to sugar bait traps, making eradication especially challenging. German cockroach infestations require a serious pest control solution that many exterminators can’t offer. Beeline Texas is different as we have the experience and technology to address any type of cockroach infestation in the most comprehensive and sustained manner to eradicate the population completely.

American Roaches

This is probably the most common and well-recognized species of cockroach in the U.S. These roaches are reddish brown and are the largest species of common cockroach. They can travel rapidly and are highly elusive insects–making them difficult or impossible to eliminate without professional pest control services. Like other roaches, American cockroaches can also spread harmful disease causing bacteria and deposit it on foods and across living spaces around the house. They can also fit into remarkably small spaces such as crevices and cracks in foundations, sidewalks, basements, crawl spaces, porches, and other spaces.

The Health Dangers Associated With Cockroaches

Cockroaches know how to hide from humans, thus eradicating them from a home is often a difficult task. For this reason, when a cockroach is spotted in the home, it’s best to contact Beeline Pest Control immediately.

Cockroach droppings and saliva have been linked to different allergens, and this can be a problem for those individuals susceptible to asthma. Research shows that individuals have a higher rate of asthma when roaches are present in the home, and a study conducted in 2005 discovered that allergens produced by cockroaches are more dangerous than other asthma triggers.

Another question many individuals have when it comes to cockroaches concerns whether they will bite humans. Thankfully, this does not need to be a major concern, as cockroaches prefer other materials to feed on. In the event a cockroach does bite a human, they may notice a lesion and some irritation or swelling.

Eliminating these roaches is the most important first step. If you have a cockroach problem, call Beeline 210-876-4566 as soon as possible to get started on a thorough treatment plan to help you get rid of this irritating and unsanitary problem and prevent recurrence.