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Beeline Pest Control in Castle Hills has helpful, trustworthy and honest exterminators. More importantly, we are professionals and have the top of the line bug experts! We are pro certified and we pride ourselves on our capacity to give high-quality support. Protect your home or business with our pest control services include mice control, mice extermination, mice removal rodent extermination, rodent treatment, and termite extermination. In addition, our insect control includes honey bee removal, wasp removal, spider removal, bed bug exterminator, bed bug extermination, bed bug treatments, spider extermination spider control, and more. Moreover, we have the experience to help you get rid of your pest control problem. Most importantly, you can rely on us to be pest free in one visit.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bug removal-rid your Castle Hills home of bed bugs today!

Our bed bug treatment services are both enviro safe for commercial and residential use. Try our heat treatment and impressive products that will take care of the problem the first time. Although, a bed bug re-treatment is sometimes needed to ensure a recurrence does not happen.  We offer top of the line bed bug services and provide helpful tips to take control of your bed bug problem. In addition, we can help you take care of the current problems well as prevent future bed bug infestations. At Beeline, we stand behind our products and highly educated and trained technicians. Not only can we give you great tips but can we help you determine the best-recommended treatment process and pesticides for your problem.  

Termite Removal Service

Top-Rated termite exterminator throughout Bexar County

Our effective termite treatments are safe for your home or office. We strive to protect what you value most. With our precise equipment, we are able to see signs of a termite infestation. This allows us to prevent any additional damage to your structure or home. With our knowledgeable technicians and expert extermination techniques, we are capable of solving any termite infestation problem.  In addition, we’ll take care of your termite problem for good with our termite control treatments. Furthermore, our expert termite exterminators are ready to serve you. Rely on us to protect your home or business from invading pests!

Rat Removal Company

Get Quality Rat Removal Service Today

As rodents, mice, and rates try to avoid cold or hot temperatures they will take refuge in your home, business, office and other dwellings. Rodents can be a huge problem in the state of Texas and throughout Castle Hills.  For instance, they are known to cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your dwelling as well as gnawing items and furniture on the inside. In addition, rodents can cause foul odors, leave nests and rat droppings in your walls and floors. Our expert exterminators can see signs of a rat infestation and will help prevent future rat infestations. In addition, Beeline Texas are capable of treating and preventing rodent infestations with our skilled exterminators. Although most treatments are effective, rodents are resilient to most home remedies. Most importantly, it is wise to use proper bait for your pest control problems to keep infestations from reoccurring.


Cockroach Exterminator

Get fast cockroach treatment today!

It is smart to have a  home inspection in order to get the best pest protection for your home. Not only are we honest, but we have friendly and experienced pest control technicians. In addition, our company is a full-service pest control company. We specialize in pest removal in the Castle Hills and San Antonio area. We pride ourselves in same day service. Again, rely on our expertise today to rid your home of cockroaches or roaches. As a result, when you use or services you’ll have peace of mind you need and want.


Castle Hills, Texas

The City of Castle Hills is located in Bexar County, Texas. The city had a total population of 4,424 as of the 2016 census.  It is a suburb of the city of San Antonio and is included for the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city of Castle Hills has its own Fire Department, Police Department, and their own Public Works Department. The Castle Hills Fire Department is staffed with EMT/Firefighters, which include Paramedics. The EMS provider for the city of Castle Hills is the Acadian Ambulance Service.  The City Halls sits just on the other side of the Castle Hills Commons area. City Hall is located in an old church building. The drinking water for the residents of Castle Hills is provided by the San Antonio Water System.

As a result of being a bedroom community, the area of Castle Hills is predominantly single-family properties. In addition, these residences are located on large lots and many were built in the early 1950’s. Further, ranch style homes are prominent in the area. additionally, there are quite a few shopping centers located in Castle Hills along the Military Highway. For instance, these stores include a Walmart Super Center, Castle Hills Embroidery, Bygones, Closet Connoisseur Resale, Alamo Bridal, and Castle Hills Embroidery. The McGimsey Boy Scout Camp is also located on the 140-acre park in Castle Hills.


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