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Beeline Pest Control in Texas is helpful, honest, and trustworthy exterminators. Most importantly, we want you to have the best experience with our bug experts! We pride ourselves on our ability to give quality services and support. We can help protect your home or business with our mice control, rodent treatment, mice removal, rodent extermination, mice extermination, and termite extermination. Our Texas insect control also includes wasp removal, honey bee removal, bed bug exterminator, spider removal, bed bug extermination, bed bug treatment, spider extermination spider control, and more. Not only do we have the experience but we also have the knowledge to help get rid of your pest control problems fast. Most importantly, you know you can trust us to get you pest free quickly.


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Our enviro safe bed bug treatments for commercial and residential use are both very effective. Our impressive pest products take care of the problem quickly. A bed bug re-treatment is most often needed to ensure a repeat bed bug infestation.  Our top of the line bed bug products and services provide helpful bed bug relief. We can help take care of your current pest problem and help prevent a future bed bug infestation. 

We stand behind our products at Beeline and highly trained technicians. Beeline will help you determine the best treatment process for your problem.  Our number one priority is always the safety of our clients and your pets. Rely on our residential and commercial products to protect your home or business from invading pests!


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Our termite treatments are very effective and safe for your home or office. We are able to see signs of a termite infestation and quickly act to treat your home. Our goal is to protect your home and minimize any termite damage.  Our knowledgeable staff and expert exterminators are capable of solving termite infestation problems quickly. Get rid of your termite problem for good. Our expert termite extermination techniques and termite control treatments will rid your termite problems fast. 


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A+ Quality Rat Removal Service In Elmendorf, TX

Rodents, rats, and mice will try to avoid the extreme cold or hot weather and take refuge in your home or business. Rodents and rats can cause huge problems in the state of Texas and throughout Elmendorf. Rats are known to cause a great amount of damage to the structure of your home or business.  Also, they tend to ruin items and furniture on the inside from all their gnawing. In addition, rodents cause foul odors and leave droppings within your walls and floors. We are capable of treating and preventing future rodent infestations with our effective pest control treatment methods. Our expert pest technicians can see signs of a rat infestation and will help prevent future rat infestations. Rodents tend to be resilient to most home remedies so we suggest using the proper bait the first time.


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Get a cockroach home inspection for the best home protection. If you want honest, trustworthy and friendly pest control, rely on Beeline Pest Control technicians. We are a full-service pest control company. We proved specialized pest removal in Elmendorf and throughout the San Antonio area. Rely on our same-day service and expertise today! We can rid your home of cockroaches, roaches, and german roaches. 

Elmendorf, Texas

Elmendorf is a city in Bexar County in the state of Texas. It is part of the San Antonio & New Braunfels Metropolitan Area. The population has grown from 1,488 in the year 2010. The town was established in 1985 and named after Henry Elmendorf who was former mayor of San Antonio. 

When Elmendorf got permission from Bexar county the city was able to be incorporated in 1963. Once this happened, the city of Elmendorf was then able to elect officials. The first mayor was elected that year and it was Raymond X. Ball. City council members were also elected in 1963. The city council members were Sam Pena, Robert Adair, Thomas D. Shotts, Martin E. Davis, and Victor Cadena. The town’s name was legally changed to Elmendorf on the 10th of December in 1963. There is a street named after West. R. L. “Bob” Parker as he was appointed Chief of Police in 1963. This permitted police officers of Elmendorf to enforce traffic laws and state laws. Most important, the city of Elmendorf never had its oven fire department but was able to have assistance from a neighboring city.

During the late 1800s, the main businesses of Elmendorf were the pottery plant and a brick factory. These were owned by the Singers.  In addition, there was also a cotton gin that was run by the Gillett Family. Elmendorf also had several smaller yet thriving businesses. There was a grocery store, law office, Dr’s office, clothing store, service station, meat market, barber shop, drug store, and a train depot.​​ 


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