10 Natural Bug Bite Remedies

Bugs, spiders and insects are pesky, but when you get bit or stung by an insect, you can take care of the sometimes debilitating and irritating consequences for days.

Natural Treatments for Bug Bites

Tea tree oil, as a natural antiseptic it’s used especially for different skin conditions including acne, sores, sun burns, along with bug stings. Tea tree oil prevents disease from happening but also relieves the swelling and itchiness that usually comes with insect bites, when applied directly on the sting.


Lavender is a fast and powerful natural treatment for serious mosquito bites.


The effective enzymes discovered in milk relieve the itchiness due to bug stings. All you need to do is apply it to the sting, combine equal parts milk and water, and feel the immediate itch relief.


Many claim that using honey for bug stings is undoubtedly worth the stickiness. Honey is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property that can reduce pain and the size of the bug bite or sting together with the itchiness.
As a natural microbial thing, limes and lemons help treat a mosquito bite’s swelling and itchiness. It should begin feeling better within minutes if you simply rub a piece onto the sting.


Almost any vinegar– but generally employed apple cider vinegar– is used as mosquito bites together with a treatment for wasp and hornet stings. The vinegar will stop the itching, and dose a cotton ball with the vinegar, record the cotton ball to the sting, wait about a quarter hour and help with the swelling too.

Witch Hazel

The tannins found in witch hazel help fight diseases and reduce swelling. The symptoms should be alleviated when applied onto the sting.

Banana Peel

The inside of a banana peel contains potassium (which can deter mosquitoes), can be rubbed on an existing mosquito bite(s) to alleviate some of swelling and itchiness.


The compounds found in basil alleviate itchy skin. Chop fresh basil leaves quite finely up, then apply directly to the sting it look and should feel considerably better.

Aloe Vera

Lastly, but just as significant and likely the most frequently used, is aloe vera. One of its several uses contains skin discomforts for insect bites, and burns, diseases. It’s best when used right from the plant, but you can even discover it in shops to enable you to get through a bug sting that is bothersome.
These natural bug bite treatments help you quickly recover from the irritating bug stings each year we strike. On the other hand, the greatest method to go about bug stings would be to prevent them from happening in the first place. This removes the exasperation of a sting but also reduces your likelihood of getting a disease.
In case you are spending time outside — particularly after dark or close water — you need to constantly make sure you apply bug repellent. Since DEET is understood to have potentially dangerous effects, there are luckily some natural repellents that you could create using these ingredients: a vanilla oil and olive oil mixture, cinnamon oil, lemon eucalyptus, or citronella essential oil. Don’t forget to reapply every few hours!

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